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Cadet Drill - Newark Training Center
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday evening, the Showell Volunteer Fire Department cadets were taken to the Worcester County Fire Training Center in Newark, Maryland to train. Tim Jercheid hosted the drill with David Pruitt, Joe Sinclair, and Larry Sackadorf assisting. Cadets were broken into teams and were shown how to properly throw a ladder to a structure, as well as proper ways to maneuver a hose through a door, up a stairway, and out a window. After these drills were performed, Mr. Jercheid showed the cadets a short film which led to a live burn, showing younger members how fire escalates with the proper fuel. Some cadets where also taught the parts of an SCBA or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, as well as how to properly wear it. A special thanks to Tim Jercheid, Larry Sackadorf, David Pruitt, and Joe Sinclair for making this drill happen and teaching our cadets some useful techniques.

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