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Motor Vehicle Accident Involving a Motorcycle - Pitts Road and Campbelltown Road
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At 1503 hours, Showell was alerted for a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Campbelltown Road and Pitts Road involving a motor cycle. 650 of Berlin VFD arrived on the scene and took command, asking Trooper 4 to respond upon arrival. 850 arrived soon after and 650 transferred command. Engine 803 and 800 Paramedic 1 responded to the scene and set up a landing zone in a nearby cornfield. Brush 8 responded soon after to assist with the call. The patient was taken via Trooper 4 due to the mechanism of injury. As trooper 4 landed, the patient was taken to the helicopter and transported to PRMC. After Trooper 4 had left the ground, units cleared the scene and returned back to station.

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