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Spinal Immobilization Drill- Hosted by Bill Kuhn - Station 800
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tonight our department was treated to a very informative EMS drill concerning spinal immobilization thanks to Mr. Bill Kuhn, who hosted the drill. Members were overviewed on how to properly immobilize a patient on a backboard for EMS transport using "Henley Straps", which is one of the methods to properly restrain a patient on a backboard. Henley Straps consist of several straps which cross the patient to protect them from further spinal and neck injuries during transport. Members were able to practice in this hands-on drill, getting to strap in patients of various sizes and learning the best way to prepare the patient for transport. We send out a special thanks to Mr. Bill Kuhn for hosting the drill and increasing all of our members knowledge of spinal immobilization.

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